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Posted 4 years ago7 users are following. I am writing because i am worried about my husband who has developed a cough over the past few months. The Doctor thinks he may have Asthma. About 3 months ago we had new symptom flooring laid in the top of the house allergi he seems to be coughing non stop since this has been done. I have cleaned everywhere hoovered, installed air purifiers and hunidifiers. The docotor has been doing tests and has prescribed a short course of steriods which is has been taken for kathon 2 days now. The most common symptoms of a shampoo allergy are itching and swelling of the skin on the scalp. This occurs as part of the inflammation response of the immune system. preservatives such as Kathon CG, and natural ingredients including chamomile, lavender, rose oil and fragrances. because removal of the allergen can reduce or eliminate. An allergy is a reaction the body has to a particular food or substance. Allergies are very common. They're thought to affect more than 1 in 4 people in the UK at some point in their lives. It revealed an allergy to Isothiazolinone & Methylisothiazolinone (Kathon), which is apparently in everything! I gave up cosmetics years ago, because even the hypoallergenic ones caused problems, and I bring special soaps to work with me. dagsbehov kalorier vuxen man Occupational induction of hypersensitivity after an accidental exposure to chloromethylisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone (CMI/MI) in an industrial worker. Det rör sig om Cell-medierad immunitet, även kallad Typ 4-allergi. De allergen som utlöser besvär är ofta enkla kemikalier. Den vanligaste sjukdomen orsakad av kontaktallergi är kontaktallergiskt eksem. En del är mycket starka kontaktallergener, som kathon och formaldehyd. Hårfärger DiseasesDB: Hälsa symptom Kathon i kosmetika och hudvårdsprodukter ligger bakom en stor allergi av alla kontaktallergier. Framför allt ökar nu allergierna mot konserveringsmedlet methylisothiazolinone MI.

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